The Twins – Keg

Our newest beer – A New Zealand hopped DIPA (Double IPA). Packed full of 4 varieties of New Zealand hops to give a robust bitterness and full on aroma – Boom

Wine Selection

Accomplice Chardonnay £9.49
Tribu Malbec £8.79
Taringi Sauvignon Blanv £10.89
Via Vai Prosecco £10.49

Mojave – Keg

Mojave is a “Brut IPA”. A style originating from the US. All sugar is fermented out to give a lovely dry and clean finish. Hoppy too (of course!)

Vice – Keg

A true Hefe-Weizen, brewed with 50% wheat and German Hersbrugger hops which together produce a lovely crips drinking beer.

Work Ethic – Keg

A craft keg New England IPA. Deliberately cloudy with a vast hop infusion for aroma but subtle bitterness.

Mandarina – Keg

IPA meets Vit beer. A lovely Orangey aroma from the German Mandarina hops mixed with the spiciness created by the Belgian yeast. Topped up with a subtle infusion of Coriander.

Bohemia – Keg

Brewed cool with Czech Saaz hops and matured sub zero for weeks to create a crisp, floral, spicy lager with a lingering finish.

Pale Face – Cask

Our lovely American Pale Ale. Powerful yet understated, this beers delivers a full hoppy aroma, balanced with a slightly sweet but strong mouth feel.

Parody – Cask

The big malt base of this amber ale acts as a great foundation to a storm of modern and traditional hops yielding powerful bitterness, huge aroma and long satisfying finish. A true Session I.P.A.

El Dorado – Cask

A new single hop ale using the lovely American El Dorado hop. A Pineapple, Peach and Apricot aroma makes this pale beer nicely gluggable.